Our Commitment to Excellence

Whether for applications in consumer, professional or institutional environments, Polyvinyl Films, Inc. stands out in quality, productivity and reliability. Our superior products are designed to help make your food preservation and storage process easy and efficient.

Female hand holding box of Stretch-Tite
Countertop with halved orange, avocado and tomato wrapped in Stretch-Tite

Quality, Productivity, and Reliability

Our products’ strength, puncture resistance, and unsurpassed cling ensures a tight, secure wrap to seal in freshness. Exceptional clarity and high anti-fog properties provide a crisp, clean presentation. 

With easy-dispensing cutter boxes, anti-slip pads, Titecut® slide cutters, and the Wrap’n Snap 7500®, our film is easily and cleanly cut to save you time and reduce waste. Meant for multi-purposes, the film reliably clings to metal, glass, trays, and more.  

Polyvinyl Films products do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) or phthalates. By manufacturing with post-consumer recycled materials, our product dispenser boxes are 100% recyclable.

Made in the USA means we have more control over the quality and production of our products. We work diligently on product excellence to exceed the expectations of both our resellers and consumers. 

Tom Connor

President, Polyvinyl Films, Inc.