Our History

We’ve been committed to exceeding your expectations through superior quality products and outstanding customer service since 1953. As a third generation family-owned business, we pride ourselves on more than 65 years of hard work and innovation.

Vintage Stretch-Tite box on kitchen wire rack with pots and pans
three boxes of yellow stretch-tite on blueberries


Polyvinyl Films, Inc was founded in 1953 and began by manufacturing custom films for the food processing and packaging industry. Developing proprietary processes and formulations in the early stages led to a continued commitment to superior quality products.

Stretch-tite box surrounded by lemons on a yellow background


From the late 1960s into the early 1970s, the founders developed a line of premium food service films to expand into the restaurant and institutional industries.

Yellow Stretch-Tite boxes surround miscellaneous household items.


With a steady growth path in the restaurant and food service industries, the company began to notice a void in the market for an institutional-quality product at the retail level. This launched the development of Stretch-Tite®. 

With the development and branding stages of Stretch-Tite complete, the company began to sell the product to local retailers, landing its first discount retailer placement – Spags located in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Close-up of mutliple yellow boxes of Stretch-Tite


The company continued to flourish and grow regionally, with the addition of supermarket partners. A major shift came in the early 1980s with the launch of the wholesale club industry, which focused on a direct buying approach. This provided a great opportunity for the company and led to more brand awareness and expansion nationally and internationally. The company continued to diversify in the late 1980s, developing clinical and laboratory films and industrial flooring, tiles, and mats.

Sliced bananas on a baking sheet next to whole bananas and a box of yellow stretch-tite


With a focus on continual innovation and consumer convenience, the company developed additional premium cutting products in the early 1990s, including the TiteCut® slide cutter and the Wrap’n Snap. During this time, the company continued to demonstrate their commitment to premium quality Stretch-Tite consumer products. 

half a pineapple on yellow background with box of stretch-tite below.


With e-commerce breaking through and shifting the purchasing habits of consumers, the company began online sales in the early 2000s. The company’s consumer products, including Stretch-Tite, Freeze-Tite, the TiteCut slide cutter, and the Wrap’n Snap continued to exceed expectations of consumers, both online and in-store.  

2020 and beyond...We will continue our steady growth path, serving local, regional, national, and global markets. Same great quality. Same great customer service. Many more years to come!

The Polyvinyl Team

Polyvinyl Films, Inc.