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Many brands of plastic wrap clutter supermarket aisles these days. Are they all created equal? We bought five to find out. Stretch-Tite, Saran Premium, and Glad Press’n Seal all survived a microwave test and kept guacamole from turning brown for 72 hours. The real differences came when we tried using these wraps to cover bowls made of glass, metal and plastic. The glad Press’n Seal stuck to all three - but only if the bowls were perfectly dry. A glass bowl kept in a refrigerator for a few minutes gathered enough condensation to render the Press’n Seal useless. We consider this a fatal flaw. The other four wraps performed equally well when used on metal or on glass. Plastic was another story. None of the wraps could cling to the plastic bowl. In every case we had to wind extra wrap around the first sheet. This is where Stretch-Tite, the stickiest of all the wraps tested, really shines. Stretch-Tite is not as readily available as Saran or Glad products, but mail-ordering big 500-square-foot rolls is an option. Also look for these rolls at warehouse clubs. Garth Clingingsmith Cooks Illustrated