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Building a Better Plastic Wrap

Holiday entertaining means lots of leftovers, so stocking up on sturdy plastic wrap is a good idea. Stretch-Tite, which is not sold in supermarkets, is heavier and stretchier than most brands, and 12 inches wide. It comes in a 500-square-foot roll with an efficient dispenser and cutter on the box. At $7.50 it is cheaper than some supermarket brands, which can cost more than $4 for 200 square feet. The company, Polyvinyl Films, in Sutton, Mass., also makes Freeze-Tite, 15 inches wide and sold in 250-square-foot rolls, which is heavier still and self-sealing, also $7.50. Shipping is extra from

Florence Fabricant
Food Stuffs Published 
November 21, 2007